Top-Notch Shower Doors

Mold and mildew, as well as an unattractive fading color, are symptoms of a used shower curtain. If you’re sick of consistently replacing your shower curtain as well as tired of the frustrations your shower curtain causes, try something more permanent like shower glass from Economy Glass.
Shower Doors

A New and Upscale Look for Your Bathroom

Glass creates a completely new and upscale look for your bathroom. You’ll be amazed at the instant, whole-room transformation this simple switch to glass can create. We can recreate your existing glass shower door or can provide you with a custom glass shower door for any shower or bathtub renovation.

Our Shower Glass Products

  • Framed shower glass
  • Frameless shower glass
  • Sliding glass shower doors
  • Swinging glass shower doors
  • Glass shower panels

Our Shower Glass and Shower Glass Doors

  • Custom colors
  • Etched designs
  • Custom patterns
  • Obscure designs
  • Custom hardware
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